My daughter and nieces move through the world as a threesome. They attend each other's events, share holidays and go away on trips together. Their involvement in each other's lives is expected and constant. They live in the same city, attend the same school district and share the unique experience of being fully, or partially, first generation. I admire their connected, confident relationships to themselves, their world and one another as they grow up together.

Documenting the ordinary moments of childhood can be powerful, but especially for girls of color, because those ordinary images are lacking in popular culture, or steeped in stereotype. When I have shown this series locally, people have asked " What country were these taken in?"

 The absence of positive representation looms so large that viewers were quick to see the girls as international, instead of members of their own community. 

Girlhood is precious and complex. These three have each other to help navigate the process. When they look back on this work I want them to see that connection, and when they look for representations of themselves in he world, instead of a void, they will find themselves there, reflected with love.

This project is ongoing.

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